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For decades, local herbal practitioners have been found hawking from home to home, and from one commercial transport to another, claiming to have excellent remedies for common ailments like malaria and waist pains. While some have proved effective others have not worked for the intended purposes.

This notwithstanding, the elite and the illiterate alike have patronized herbal products based on the healing results of the few potent ones. Still many others have not accepted their use because of the unhygienic handling practices of the local producers

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Our Training Services

We offer part-time and semi-formal training to Herbal practitioners and Herbal life lovers on how to produce Herbal products.

Herbal Medicine Consultancy

We offer assistance in the sourcing of the raw materials for production and offer guidance in the establishment of Herbal farms

Production and Packaging of Herbal Products

We produce and package Herbal & Other Natural Remedies like massage oils, Herbal Capsules...

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