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For decades, local herbal practitioners have been found hawking from home to home, and from one commercial transport to another, claiming to have excellent remedies for common ailments like malaria and waist pains. While some have proved effective others have not worked for the intended purposes. This notwithstanding, the elite and the illiterate alike have patronized herbal products based on the healing results of the few potent ones. Still many others have not accepted their use because of the unhygienic handling practices of the local producers.

In addition, lack of accurate information about the active ingredients, their concentrations, dosage and the mechanism of action of the herbs in overcoming the said condition, have impeded their full integration into the healthcare system.

The aforementioned knowledge gap as well as the mishandling has resulted in more serious health problems, poisoning and in some extreme cases death.

Herbalist with potent remedies on the other hand, have also been confronted with the inability to meet the requirement for product registration other as a result of poor labeling  and packaging issues, substandard production plants etc.


The above mentioned problems brings to the fore the need to train and provide technical assistance to herbalists of the various kinds to be empowered to meet squarely the challenge of the ever increasing demand of industry, as an alternative form of healthcare. 

The whole idea of establishing H.S.A Consult was born at the request of some herbal practitioners for assistance in preparing a number of herbal remedies for analysis and subsequent registration with the Food and Drugs Authority.


When the idea was welcomed a capital of GH¢1000.00 was raised to acquire a few materials and equipment to help deliver the said services on time. 

Our success in the delivery of service to our clients has won us contracts from three herbal companies and some individual herbalist. H.S.A Consult will soon become a household name because we have a strong knowledge base and experienced staff to deliver on our promise. We have four (4) key employees among which are; a naturopathic doctor (N.D), and a Pharmaceutical technician an environmental officer and a herbal clinician. 

H.S.A consult is a limited liability company focused on providing semi-formal training and technical assistance to herbal medicine practitioners in Ghana and West Africa at large. 

Core Values

Accessibility We are committed to bring knowledge and technical assistance to the herbal medicine practitioner in a simple and easy to understand language to empower them to explore their gift and creative potentials.

Convenience We are ready to put in the necessary measures to ensure that education and knowledge is presented to our clients at weekends and times convenient to them. Our package comes in the form of short module certificate courses.

Dignity We deliver in a style that makes the herbalist feel honored and respected.

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